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Water and Sewer Department

Utility Superintendent:  James Russo

Business Number:   802-485-7355

Fax:                              802-485-8426


Physical Location:                               Mailing Address:  

Wastewater Treatment Facility            Northfield Municipal Building

242 Dog River Drive                               51 South Main Street

Northfield, VT 05663                             Northfield, Vermont 05663

NOTE: the Town of Northfield VT is now seeking applicants for the position of Water/ Wastewater Operator.

Please click here to view the job advertisement.

Please click here to view the job description.


The Northfield Water & Sewer Department operates and maintains the Northfield Water and Wastewater Systems.

The Northfield Water System provides high-quality water to 4000 residents in Northfield.  The water meets all state and federal standards.  Approximately 400,000 gallons are produced each day and delivered through 25 miles of water mains.

The Northfield Wastewater System includes collection and treatment of waste to 3500 Northfield residents.  The system also provides for a significant amount of storm water collection and treatment.  The Wastewater System is regulated by the State of Vermont.

Please click here for information on setting up a water and/or sewer account.

Please click here for information on payment options for all Northfield utility accounts.


Please click here to view the current water and sewer rates (in effect from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024).

Please click here to view the June 2024 Consumer Confidence Report for the Northfield Water Department.


Northfield Wastewater Treatment Facility

242 Dog River Drive, Northfield, Vermont

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