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NED Accounts

The following three forms will need to be completed to set up an account with the Northfield Utilities Department (provided that you live within the service areas of the Northfield Electric, Water, and/or Sewer Departments).  Please contact the Northfield Utility Office at 1-802-485-5411 if you are uncertain as to the identity of your service provider(s).

1. Service Application Form for Residential Customers or Service Application for Commercial Customers 


Please print, fill out the form, and then mail (Town of Northfield, 51 South Main Street, Northfield, VT 05663), hand deliver, or FAX (1-802-485-8426) to the Northfield Utilities Office.  There is a $150.00 deposit required when setting up an account with the Northfield Water Department.

2. Credit Reference Form


For the Northfield Electric Department (NED), the deposit amount varies and is based upon past usage at the location over the last two (2) month period.  In addition, it is possible to have the entire deposit waived based upon a good credit history. Again, contact the Utilities Office if you have any questions.

3. Property Information Authorization Form


This form will give the Town the ability to inform the landlord of any electric delinquencies on an account that may result in a lien on the property. 

4. Debit Authorization Form


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