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Planning Commission

Commission Members

Stephen Fitzhugh, Chair

Julie M. Lappin, Vice-Chair

Steve Davis

Royal DeLegge


The Planning Commission is responsible for developing and drafting the Town Plan and Zoning Bylaws. The Planning Commission meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room located in the Brown Public Library (93 South Main Street).

To contact the Planning Commission members, please email them at or telephone Zoning Administrator Mitch Osiecki at 485-9824.

NOTE: The Planning Commission held a public hearing on December 6, 2023 in order to receive public comment regarding proposed revisions to the local zoning regulations.  The Town Select Board held their own public hearing on the document on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.  The Select Board members afterwards decided to return the document to the Planning Commission with recommended changes.  The Planning Commission will hold a second public in the near future that will be warned at least fifteen (15) days in advance to discuss the further revised document.   Please click here to download the current draft document.  Please click here for an executive summary of the revision process, the key changes, etc.

Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

Town Plan

Zoning Bylaws

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