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Ambulance Service

Chief: Meggan McCusker


Emergency Number:  911


Billing Information:   


NAS Facebook 

Physical Location:

Northfield Ambulance Facility

31 Dog River Drive

Northfield, Vermont 05663


Mailing Address:  

Northfield Municipal Building

51 South Main Street

Northfield, Vermont 05663

Local Emergency Management Plan (05/09/2023)


The Northfield Ambulance Service (NAS) and the Northfield Ambulance Volunteers Inc. (NAVI) work in conjunction with each other to provide 24 hour Basic and Advanced level emergency medical care provided by a paid and volunteer professional staff. The Northfield Ambulance provides Emergency treatment and transportation, Non Emergency transportation, Vehicle extrication, Confine space / Technical rescue, along with other related services to the communities of Northfield, Roxbury, and West Berlin, Vermont. Northfield Ambulance also provides backup services to its surrounding communities upon request from authorized personnel. Northfield Ambulance is dedicated to providing fully certified employees and members to staff its units 24 hours a day, community education within our service communities, and assist in EMS education, along with injury prevention programs within Washington County, Vermont. Northfield Ambulance Service is owned and operated by the Town of Northfield, and Northfield Ambulance Volunteers Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency of membership that provides support services, fund raising, and community outreach for the Northfield Ambulance Service.  The mailing address for Northfield Ambulance Volunteers, Inc. is: NAVI, P.O. Box 524, Northfield Falls, Vermont  05664. 


Please click here to access NAVI's official website.




Meggan McCusker.jpeg

NAS Chief Meggan McCusker

Northfield Ambulance Facility

31 Dog River Drive, Northfield, Vermont

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