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Request for Bids for Generators


Town of Northfield, Vermont


Phone 1-802-485-9822
Fax 1-802-485-8426

Generators for Municipal Buildings, Northfield, Vermont

Project Schedule:
• Request for Bids Released: 6/14/24
• Deadline for questions: 7/1/24
• Deadline for submission of bid: 7/8/24
• Contract execution: 7/12/2024
• Project completion: 09/31/2024

Project Title: Town of Northfield Generator Projects

Project Summary: The Town of Northfield is seeking bids from qualified vendors for new generators at four municipal buildings: the Municipal Building, the Police Station, the Fire Sation and the Ambulance Service located within the Town Highway Garage.

The generators at the municipal building and Police Station shall be 48kw units and the generators at the Fire Station and Ambulance Service shall be 20kw units.

Project Requirements:
1. Obtain Standby Aluminum Generators
2. Include 200A Service Disc, plus amplify power management with Info WFI
3. Obtain all necessary permits
4. Install required precast cement pad
5. Make all needed connections to electric lines
6. Complete all required electrical connections
7. Provide Cold weather Kit and battery
8. Include Emergency E-stop Button

Submission Requirements
All responses to the request for bids shall include the following:
1. Cover Letter - A cover letter and general description of proposal
2. Scope of Work - Provide a scope of work with materials and labor costs, including any substitutions and an explanation of benefits provided by the substitute material.
3. Proposed Schedule - Provide a schedule of start and end date
4. Relevant Experience - List of 3 similar projects, including project budget and duration
5. Project Budget

All information submitted becomes property of the Town of Northfield upon submission. The municipality Northfield reserves the right to issue supplemental information or guidelines relating to the request for bids as well as make modifications to the request or withdraw the request. The cost of preparing, submitting, and presenting a proposal is the sole expense of the consultant.
The Town of Northfield reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result of this solicitation, to negotiate with any qualified source, to waive any formality and any technicalities or to cancel the request for bids in part or in its entirety if it is in the best interest of the Town of Northfield. This solicitation of proposals in no way obligates the Town of Northfield to award a contract.

Submission Requirements
Questions regarding the request for bids shall be directed to Town Manager, Jeff Schulz at or 802-485-9822.
One (1) electronic (PDF) file shall be received on/before 4:00pm on July 8, 2024 and emailed to jschulz In addition, one (1) hard copy proposal shall be received by the Town by 4:00 PM on July 8, 2024, at attention Jeff Schulz, Town Manager 51 South Main Street Northfield, VT 05663.

The contractor shall not start the project until the successful applicant enters into a written contract with the municipality. The Town of Northfield is not liable for any cost incurred by consultant prior to issuance of a contract. The contractor shall provide proof of Insurance Coverage such that All contractors, and any sub-contractors must carry adequate insurance coverage (not less than $1,000,000-per occurrence). $1,000,000 - General Aggregate Applying, in total, $1,000,000 - Products/Completed Operations Aggregate, $50,000 — Fire/Legal/Liability, and $1,000,000 - Automotive Liability), and must affirm being an equal opportunity employer.

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