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Northfield Welcomes New Ice Cream Shop - The Common Cone

JULY 17, 2023

There was nothing “soft” about the “soft opening” of the Common Cone on Saturday, June 15, the newest business to open downtown in the Mayo Block Building.

Owner Morgan Davis said on social media: “Wow! Just wow! Yesterday was an incredible whirlwind of scoops, smiles, and overwhelming support!”

A Line Out the Door, Heatwaves, and Resilience

Davis told the public: “You showed up in droves, and we couldn't be happier! Despite the scorching heat (both inside and out) and a line that stretched out the door for most of the day, your patience and enthusiasm were truly remarkable. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by the unexpected demand and equipment snafus, but thanks to our incredible staff, we were able to overcome every challenge that came our way!”

The reviews were equally as enthusiastic, with hundreds of “likes” and “loves” and one glowing comment after another raving about the ice cream flavors and the positive addition to the town’s common.

I went yesterday. Very busy but no wait. This is so what we need in town. I will be back!” said one local resident.

Reflecting on what the Common Cone hopes to mean to Northfield, Davis said, “We believe in building a warm and inviting community around our ice cream parlor, where friends and families can gather to create lasting memories.”

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