Northfield Property Map Details


The Northfield property map is not a survey and must not be used as one. It contains known errors, both in relation to the earth and in relation to the Northfield grandlist. Accuracy will be improved over time, but a static map can never reflect the latest subdivisions and transfers. The map can be used to assist examining town records, but it is not a substitute for town records.

Parcels, Polygons, and Points

The town is divided into parcels. Each parcel has a parcel code, a public road name, or a public water body name. The parcel codes should be in the grandlist.

A parcel may contain more than one polygon; for example, a parcel may have a polygon on each side of a road. If so, each polygon in the parcel has a label with the parcel code followed by a comma followed by one or two lowercase letters to create a unique polygon code. If a parcel contains only one polygon, the polygon label is the parcel code.

Two polygons in a parcel can be contiguous. This can happen when a subdivision has been approved, but the lots have not yet been sold. A line separating such abutting polygons is called a subparcel line, and is drawn with a dot-dash pattern. Lines between polygons in different parcels are called parcel lines, and are drawn as solid lines.

A polygon label applies to the polygon containing its lower left corner or the end of its leader line.

To help you find property codes on the map, three cross references are provided.

Adobe PDF Reader

Once you know the code for a property, you can search for it on the map using the search function in the Adobe PDF Reader. You must have version 5.0 or greater. You can download the reader for free from the Adobe web site.